Document Understanding Tutorial - Processing Invoices

This document understanding tutorial covers how to process invoices using Receipts and Invoice AI. Get started today with UiPath Academy.
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  • April 15, 2022
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Document Understanding Tutorial - Processing Invoices

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Document Understanding

About the UiPath Document Understanding Course  

In this UiPath Document Understanding course, we are going to cover how to process invoices using receipts and invoice AI. This course will support businesses using UiPath to automate the invoice process, saving time, money and optimizing cash flow and performance.  

UiPath Document Understanding course is intermediate difficulty level, so it’s recommended you have experience processing invoices and are familiar with artificial intelligence. You will discover how to use UiPath intelligent OCR to make efficiency improvements to your current invoice processes. The UiPath Document Understanding course takes 1-hour to complete and you will receive a diploma of completion once it’s finished.  



Course Prerequisites 

This course covers how to process invoices using OCR artificial intelligence. You will require existing experience of processing invoices and OCR intelligent technology.  


Course Audience 

The Document Understanding course is aimed at those learning to process invoices using AI.  


UiPath Document Understanding Learning Objectives  

After completing the UiPath Document Understanding course, you should: 

  • Understand the benefits of using UiPath intelligent OCR to process invoices 
  • Know how to use UiPath OCR artificial intelligence to automate invoice processing 


After you’ve completed this intermediate UiPath Document Understanding course, you will be able to further your progress using intelligent OCR to automate internal processes by choosing a specific or related course. Take a look at the ‘Related Courses’ tab to see all your options.