Practice with ReFramework (v2020.10)

This practice is designed to get you familiar with the REFramework template. In the end, you will be one step closer to building production-ready automations using the template.
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  • May 31, 2023
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Practice with ReFramework (v2020.10)

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Practice with REFramework prerequisites 

Before starting on this practice, you should have basic programming knowledge and have completed, at a minimum: 

  • The State Machines in Studio course. 
  • The Introduction to Robotic Enterprise Framework course. 
  • The Build a REFramework Project with Orchestrator Queues course. 
  • The Build a REFramework Project with Tabular Data course. 


Practice with REFramework audience 

This advanced practice is a must for RPA Developers. The practice was built using the 2021.10 product version of UiPath Studio and is applicable to newer versions as well. 


Practice with REFramework audience agenda 

Assignment: Calculate Client Security Hash 

  • Calculate Client Security Hash - Process Design Document 
  • Calculate Client Security Hash - Exercise Hints 
  • Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment 
  • Calculate Client Security Hash - Complete Exercise Walkthrough 

Assignment: Generate Yearly Report 

  • Generate Yearly Report - Process Design Document 
  • Generate Yearly Report - Exercise Hints 
  • Generate Yearly Report - Upload Assignment 
  • Generate Yearly Report - Complete Exercise Walkthrough 


Practice with REFramework learning objectives 

At the end of the course, you should be able to:  

  • Explain how the REFramework template works. 
  • Use REFramework to automate your own processes.