UiPath Automation Hub 20.10 Updates

In this course, you'll learn the most important new features and improvements brought by the 20.10 release of UiPath Automation Hub. Get started today.
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  • April 01, 2022
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UiPath Automation Hub 20.10 Updates

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Automation Hub

Prerequisites: This course assumes that you are already familiar with UiPath Automation Hub. If you are not, please start with UiPath Automation Hub Overview course before continuing with this one.


Product alignment: This course is based on the UiPath Automation Hub 20.10 product version.


Audience: Automation Hub Standard Users, Program Managers, System Admins, Account Owners, Citizen Developers


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

As a Standard User:

  • Use the integration with Task Capture to easily document processes
  • Request and consume automations developed by Citizen Developers in your organizations
  • Customize the email notifications from Automation Hub
  • Switch to any of the newly introduced languages: Japanese, French and German.

As a Program Manager:

  • Compare the estimated and the actual implementation effort using the Planning Report
  • Assess the cost impact of implementing and running the automation program using the Cost Report
  • Export dashboards outside Automation Hub to present or share with other stakeholders.

As a System Admin:

  • Use the user roles and the collaborator roles logic to manage user groups and layers
  • Define new user roles and collaborator roles to match your organization's needs
  • Use categories (formerly hierarchies) to bring structure to your automation pipeline
  • Leverage the categories and user management features to separate user groups
  • Manage access tokens for Open API.

As an Account Owner:

  • Configure the tenant settings
  • Change the default currency settings at tenant level.

As a Citizen Developer:

  • Submit an automation for business and technical review
  • Describe the Citizen Development flow stages and identify the roles involved in each stage.



  • What’s New for Standard Users?
  • What’s New for Program Managers?
  • What’s New for System Admins?
  • What’s New for Account Owners?
  • Introducing the Citizen Developer Flow