UiPath Integration Service

Power up your automation development capabilities by seamlessly bringing together API automation with UI automation in the same design environment with UiPath Integration Service.
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  • December 13, 2022
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UiPath Integration Service

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About the UiPath Integration Service Course 

With this UiPath API automation training, we're introducing UiPath Integration Service, the component of the UiPath Platform for managing the connections with third-party applications. Using UiPath Integration Service, you will be able to leverage UiPath to automate some of the largely used enterprise applications: Outlook and OneDrive, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Slack, and so on. 

This training will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to automate complex enterprise automation processes through RPA and UI automation, together with API automation and app integrations. 

Product alignment: This course was built using the 2021.10 product version of UiPath Studio and UiPath Integration Service and is applicable to newer versions as well. 

Prerequisites for the UiPath Integration Service Training 

This is an intermediate level course. We require basic programming knowledge along with the completion of ideally RPA Developer Foundation learning plan, but at minimum the following courses: 

UiPath Integration Service Course Audience 

The UiPath Integration Service course is a 1-hour course. It is targeted at RPA Developers who are familiar with the UiPath RPA development capabilities and want to expand their skillset with API automation of third-party apps. 

UiPath Integration Service Course Agenda 

The Integration Service course provides users with the knowledge they need to develop complex automation projects using both UI and API automation. 

It covers these four key areas: 

  • What UiPath Integration Service is and its components: connectors, connections, and triggers.
  • How to set up connections between UiPath and third-party apps.
  • How to trigger UiPath RPA automation projects from other apps.
  • How to automate third-party apps in UiPath Studio.

UiPath Integration Service Course Objectives 

At the end of the UiPath Integration Service training, you should be able to: 

  • Explain what UiPath Integration Service is and how it eases automation development.
  • List and explain what each Integration Service component does.
  • Enable Integration Service in your Automation Cloud account.
  • Add and configure connections and triggers in Integration Service.
  • Create automation projects in UiPath Studio using Integration Service connections and triggers.

 At the end of the UiPath Integration Service course, you will receive a diploma of completion. Afterwards, you will be able to continue your learning with some of the related courses. Choose between IT Automation with UiPath Studio and Orchestration Process. Or see the ‘Related Courses’ tab for all your options.