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Automation Infrastructure Engineer Foundation

The UiPath RPA infrastructure engineer learning plan teaches you how to set up and maintain the UiPath platform. Learn more here with UiPath Academy.
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  • March 04, 2020
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Automation Infrastructure Engineer Foundation

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About RPA Infrastructure Engineer Foundation 

The UiPath Infrastructure Engineer Foundation curriculum is a foundational learning plan for infrastructure engineers, aimed at teaching them to deploy, upgrade and maintain the UiPath Platform components stand-alone or together, in one deployment via UiPath Automation Suite. The delivery of the components and of the UiPath Platform can be done on-premises or in the public cloud: Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. 

The series begins with an Introduction to RPA and Automation, a beginner course for those who are interested in automation and development. It requires no prerequisites other than an eager desire to jump into automation and RPA with UiPath.   

The second course is RPA Infrastructure Fundamentals. It serves as an introduction to the process of analyzing, designing, deploying, and maintaining Robotic Process Automation infrastructures. This is an intermediate course that takes approx. 1 hour 20 minutes to complete.   

The plan then continues with a dedicated course on the infrastructure of the most complex component of the UiPath Platform: Orchestrator. This will teach you to install, upgrade, maintain and troubleshoot it. 

The last two courses are focused on UiPath Automation Suite, the delivery option meant to offer all the UiPath components in one package and fully integrated. 

The entire training plan takes approx. 7 hours to complete. Once you have finished both courses in this series, you will receive a Diploma of Completion.   

Course Audience for RPA Infrastructure Engineer Foundation 

The RPA Infrastructure Engineer Foundation learning plan contains the relevant knowledge and skillset related to the specificities of the UiPath Platform components. Therefore, learners have to be familiar with the generic enterprise infrastructure management competencies.