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RPA Solution Architect (v2020.10)

Our learning plan covers software development standards and RPA technology. You'll learn how to design enterprise automation solutions. Get started today.
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  • March 04, 2020
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RPA Solution Architect (v2020.10)

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About RPA Solution Architect Foundation 

The RPA Solution Architect Foundation is a comprehensive learning plan focussed on both software development in UiPath and UiPath RPA technology. It begins with an introduction to RPA and Automation, a beginner course for anyone interested in becoming an RPA Developer. Therefore, this learning plan does not require any prerequisites to begin, other than an interest in automation and RPA development.  

This learning plan progresses to an intermediate level, at which point you begin to learn in-depth how to use UiPath Studio and Orchestrator to develop software and automation processes. You will also learn the role and responsibilities of the solution architect in the RPA Solution Architecture Fundamentals course.  

Course times range from 43 minutes up to 5 hours, and there are 19 courses in this series. The entire series takes approx. 85 hours 25 minutes to complete. You will receive a Diploma of Completion once you have completed the entire series.  

Course Audience for RPA Solution Architect Foundation 

The RPA Solution Architect Foundation learning plan’s curriculum starts with beginner courses, which means it is accessible to literally anyone who is interested in automation and RPA development. As the course progresses, it begins to cover topics that are relevant to the role of a RPA solution architect, so anyone embarking on this series of courses should have an interest in working in that role.