Error Handling in StudioX

In this course, we will cover how you can avoid validation errors, what are some best practices for building automation projects, and how to troubleshoot your robot using UiPath StudioX.
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  • September 08, 2021
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Error Handling in StudioX

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Product Alignment: This training is based on the UiPath StudioX 20.4 product version, but applicable to newer versions as well.

Last Update: June 2020

Audience: Business users


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course learners should be able to:

  • Use StudioX tools, Validate and Analyze, to decrease the number of validation errors;
  • Build robots applying best practices that increase reusability and readability;
  • Troubleshoot your projects when the result is not the desired one.



How to Handle Errors

  • Validate and Analyze Your Project
  • Troubleshooting Best Practices
  • Practice: Repair My Robot