UiPath Business Automation Platform 2023.4 Release

This course offers an overview of the new features and capabilities of the 2023.4 version of the UiPath Business Automation Platform and its components.
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  • February 28, 2024
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UiPath Business Automation Platform 2023.4 Release

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About the 2023.4 UiPath Platform Updates course   

The 2023.4 UiPath Platform Updates course is meant to highlight the most important capabilities and enhancements brought by the 2023.4 Long Term Support version for each of the 20 components. 

Among these: 

  • The ability to customize the data transformations in Process Mining and an integration with Task Mining.
  • A new, enhanced version of Unassisted Task Mining and the integration between Automation Hub and Assisted Task Mining.
  • A new discovery approach in Task Mining, called Assisted Task Mining. This is built on the capabilities of Task Capture.
  • A new component of the Discovery pillar of the UiPath Platform, leveraging natural learning processing for mining the enterprise communication data: UiPath Communications Mining, formerly Re:infer.
  • A deeper integration between Automation Hub and Insights, for enhanced reporting capabilities applied to the automation program managed with Automation Hub.
  • A new approach for building attended automation solutions with UiPath Studio, called Contact Center.
  • A new way of building triggers and AI Computer Vision added to the UI Automation Unified Target.
  • The ability to build and publish public apps with UiPath Apps, which can be accessed by users outside Automation Cloud.
  • The ability to share Integration Service connectors with other users.
  • A friendlier Assistant, with a Running tab, sharing automation capabilities, and a Favorites section.
  • Live streaming, remote control, and automation run recording of Robots, stored in Orchestrator.
  • Testing and non-production Automation Cloud Robots.
  • The ability to embed the Action Center portal or specific tasks in third-party apps.
  • The integration between Data Service and Studio Web, our newest cloud IDE now in public preview.
  • A data labeling functionality and APIs in AI Center.
  • Real-time export to third-party tools from Insights.
  • Cloning, activity coverage, and dynamic assignments in Test Manager.
  • Multi-site Active-Passive clusters for Automation Suite.
  • This course is meant to be a guide to the UiPath products you already use or plan to start using. Depending on your role and expertise, you can decide to navigate to the lesson of interest and be done in a matter of minutes. The level of this course is introductory. It doesn't cover the new features in depth, it just introduces them and provides additional resources that you can follow up with.
  • This beginner course takes 5 hours to complete entirely, and between 10 and 30 minutes for each product. At the end, you’ll receive a diploma of completion.


Course audience 

This is a beginner-level course, so it can be of value for everyone, no matter their role and expertise: Business Users, Citizen Developers, Automation Developers, Operations Managers, Test Developers, Automation Business Analysts, Project Managers, Center of Excellence leaders, Process Analysts, and so on. 


Course prerequisites 

This course assumes prior knowledge of the UiPath products. It doesn't cover the steady-state functionalities of the existing products, just the new features. If you're looking for an introduction to the existing products, please navigate to the Learning Resources lesson and you'll find direct links to the product courses on the Academy. 


2023.4 UiPath Platform Updates course agenda

What’s new at 2023.4 in the Discovery phase? 

  • Process Mining
  • Task Mining
  • Introducing Communications Mining
  • Automation Hub
  • What’s new at 2023.4 in the Automate phase?
  • Studio
  • UI Automation and AI Computer Vision
  • StudioX
  • Apps
  • Integration Service
  • Assistant
  • On-prem Robots
  • Automation Cloud Robots
  • Action Center
  • Data Service
  • Document Understanding
  • AI Center


What’s new at 2023.4 in the Operate phase?

  • Insights
  • Test Suite
  • Orchestrator
  • Automation Ops
  • Automation Cloud
  • Automation Suite