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What is RPA? Is it different from automation in general? Is UiPath truly the market leader? We promise to answer all these questions and assist you in building your first automation using our automation tool for business users–UiPath StudioX.
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Prove your expertise with the industry-leading RPA Certification.

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RPA Developer Foundation
Learn how to create production-ready automation workflows and components
RPA Citizen Developer Foundation
Learn how to automate your everyday tasks with StudioX - a no-code platform for business users.
RPA Business Analyst Foundation
Master the fundamentals of RPA Business Analysis

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UiPath Studio Governance
Discover the file-based governance capabilities for the UiPath Studio family.
RPA Testing with Studio
Explore the new testing capabilities of UiPath Studio.
UiPath Document Understanding Overview
Learn how to process different document types and structures using one automated process built with UiPath Studio.
UiPath AI Center Overview
Manage and deploy Machine Learning models in automated processes built with UiPath Studio.