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Behind any successful automation project, there is a highly skilled team. Each member of the team plays a crucial role in the automation implementation.

Create production-ready automation workflows and components.

RPA Developers turn automation opportunities into reality by building enterprise-scale automation projects. They use a combination of business acumen and technical proficiency, including UiPath Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator.

Discovers automation opportunities.
Documents and improves processes before automation.

RPA Business Analysts are key in digital transformation programs, with their role of defining needs and recommending solutions.

With the automation business analysis skillset added, they can deliver value to the stakeholders by better understanding automation opportunities and proposing the right solutions.

Designs and documents process automation solutions.

RPA Solution Architects define the architecture and technology stack of automation solutions, overseeing the development and implementation to ensure superior code quality and optimal efficacy of the solution.

Designs, deploys, and maintains automation infrastructures.

The Infrastructure Engineer is a well-established role with a continuously evolving skillset. When companies adopt automation, there are countless ways to combine the products and deploy them: in cloud, hybrid, on-premises, and so on.

Automation Infrastructure Engineers have to be able to manage all the complexities of the infrastructure of the automation solutions.

Develops automation projects for processing different document types and structures.

Automation Developers with the Specialized AI skillset develop automation projects involving document processing, using the Document Understanding and Communications Mining components of the UiPath Platform.

Meet the core roles that make automation projects a reality

Each of these roles plays a huge part in the implementation of any automation project


Business Case and Technical Validation

Process Analysis

Solution Design

Development and testing

User acceptance testing (UAT)

Deployment and hypercare

Project closure

Automation Developer

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Business Analyst

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Solution Architect

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Infrastructure Engineer

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Looking to know more about how implementations are done with UiPath? Take the dedicated Automation Implementation Methodology Fundamentals course.

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