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Test Automation Engineer Training

Level up your career as a Test Automation Engineer with our focused learning plan. Dive into UiPath Test Suite and gain hands-on experience through simulated projects and guided practice.
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  • January 08, 2024
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Test Automation Engineer Training

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About the course  

The Test Automation Engineer Training is thoughtfully designed for individuals keen on honing their test automation skills from the ground up with UiPath Test Suite. Going beyond the basics, this curriculum delves into various facets of test automation, providing a holistic understanding of its integration with diverse technologies. 


It includes everything you need to know in order to pass the UiPath Certified Professional Test Automation Engineer Professional exam.   


You'll expand your test automation knowledge by going through 10 courses designed to help you develop test automation projects. The full list of courses that make up the training can be found in the ‘learning plan curriculum’ tab. You can click specific courses to view each specific agenda and learning objectives. 


The Test Automation Engineer Training plan with UiPath contains a variety of courses that take between 30 minutes and 2 hours each. This totals around 11 hours. The full learning plan, including prerequisite courses, totals 28 hours.


Product alignment: This learning plan was built using the 2023.10 product version of UiPath Studio, Robot, Orchestrator, and Test Manager. It's applicable to newer versions as well.  


Course audience  

The Test Automation Engineer Training starts at a beginner level and progresses towards an intermediate level, which should allow you to build components and automated test cases for enterprise-level test automation projects driven by seasoned Test Automation Engineers. It’s aimed at tech-savvy people who don’t necessarily have previous RPA experience but who did complete the Automation Explorer and Automation Developer Associate training learning plan. 

Learning Objectives 

The learning objectives for the Test Automation Engineer training are as follows: 

  1. Explain UiPath Test Suite and describe its components.
  2. Create projects and requirements within UiPath Test Manager.
  3. Integrate the 3rd party ALM tools with the UiPath Test Manager.
  4. Create automated test cases within UiPath Studio.
  5. Build and manage custom testing templates.
  6. Perform API, desktop, and web application testing with UiPath Test Suite.
  7. Explain and analyze Heatmap and Change Impact Analysis for SAP within UiPath Test Manager.
  8. Perform mobile automation and mobile testing with UiPath Studio.
  9. Build coded test cases with UiPath Studio.
  10. Explain the components of the Testing tab within Orchestrator.
  11. Create test sets, test set schedules and test data queues within Orchestrator.
  12. Create static and dynamic test sets within UiPath Test Manager.
  13. Build CI/CD pipelines using Azure DevOps.
  14. Trigger the execution of the test sets in 3 ways – Orchestrator, Test Manager and by using CI/CD pipelines.
  15. Analyze test results and dashboard in UiPath Test Manager.


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