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Automation Developer Associate Training

If you want to contribute to building a better business world through developing enterprise automation projects, the UiPath Automation Developer Associate Training plan is for you!
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  • August 31, 2023
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Automation Developer Associate Training

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About the UiPath Automation Developer Associate Training 

The Automation Developer Associate Training is a curriculum for those looking to build their automation development competency from the ground up while also diving into more broader areas to gain a holistic understanding of how automation intertwines with various technologies. 

It includes everything you need to know in order to pass the UiPath Certified RPA Associate (UiRPA) exam.  

You'll expand your automation knowledge going through 21 courses designed to help you develop enterprise automation projects. The full list of courses that make up the training can be found in the ‘learning plan curriculum’ tab. You can click specific courses to view each specific agenda and learning objectives.   

The Automation Developer Associate Training plan with UiPath contains a variety of courses that take between 45 minutes and 2 hours each. In total, the full learning plan will take approximately 33 hours to complete.    

Product alignment: This learning plan was built using the 2022.10 product version of UiPath Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator. It's applicable to newer versions as well. 

The UiPath Automation Developer Associate Training audience

The Automation Developer Associate Training starts at a beginner level and progresses towards an intermediate level, which should allow you to build components for enterprise-level automation projects driven by seasoned Automation Developers and Solution Architects. It’s aimed at tech-savvy people who don’t necessarily have previous RPA experience but who did complete the Automation Explorer learning plan.  

The UiPath Automation Developer Associate Training agenda

You'll continue your journey from Automation Explorer by understanding data manipulation in Studio and go into more depth with how to effectively build user interface automation projects. Also, you’ll learn how to automate working with different applications like Excel, PDF, and e-mail. More specifically, in this learning plan you'll get through the following topics:  

  1. Data Manipulation with Strings in Studio
  2. Data Manipulation with Lists and Dictionaries in Studio
  3. UI Automation Synchronization with Studio
  4. UI Automation Descriptors in Studio
  5. Selectors in Studio: Deep Dive
  6. Debugging in Studio
  7. Error and Exception Handling in Studio
  8. Working with Local Files and Folders in Studio
  9. Email Automation in Studio
  10. PDF Automation with Studio
  11. Data Manipulation with DataTables in Studio
  12. Introduction to Logging in Studio
  13. Orchestrator Overview for Automation Developers
  14. Working with Orchestrator Resources
  15. Object Repository in Studio
  16. UiPath Integration Service Overview
  17. Version Control Systems Integration in Studio
  18. Workflow Analyzer in Studio
  19. RPA Testing with Studio
  20. Project Organization in Studio
  21. Automation Implementation Methodology Fundamentals