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Business Analysts are traditionally the "change enablers" in a company, with their continuous focus on identifying improvement opportunities and recommending solutions. When it comes to business intelligent automation, they are in the best position to identify automation opportunities in the business processes and to accelerate the implementation by documenting the "as is" state, formulating the requirements for the automation solution, as well as testing the actual implementation.

Automation Business Analyst responsibilities

  • Engage with stakeholders and conduct high-level assessments to identify business processes with automation potential.
  • Perform in-depth process analysis for the processes selected for automation and create the relevant documents, such as the Process Definition Document.
  • Define the business requirements and the test case scenarios for the future state, automated business processes.
  • Partner with the Solution Architect to create the implementation plan.
  • Work closely with the Automation Developers and Test Engineers during workflow testing and deployment to create knowledge transfer documentation used later in the automation lifecycle.

UiPath RPA knowledge and automation skills

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and business automation.
  • The UiPath Automation Implementation Methodology.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Discover pillar of the UiPath Platform: Automation Hub, Task Mining, Process Mining, Communications Mining.
  • Basic knowledge of how automations are developed with the UiPath automation tools and concepts: UiPath Studio, ReFramework, queues, dispatcher-performer, UI automation, API automation.

Automation Business Analyst career path

First of all, Automation Business Analysts have to be Business Analysts. They need to know Business Analysis frameworks, domain analysis techniques, delivery frameworks such as Agile and Waterfall, elicitation methodologies, process mapping, and impact analysis. Business Analysts need to be competent in problem-solving and project management and be proficient with Excel. Automation business analysis is a skillset which comes on top of these core competencies.

  • As a Junior Automation Business Analyst (0-2 years of experience), you can expect to work with more senior Business Analysts in documenting processes and running the test cases.
  • As a certified Automation Business Analyst (intermediate, 2-4 years of experience), you will carry out the entire range of business analysis activities on lower to medium complexity processes, involving fewer automation technologies, such as RPA. From this perspective, the RPA Business Analyst can be an intermediate stage on the path to becoming an Automation Business Analyst.
  • As a Senior Automation Business Analyst (4-7 years of experience), you will be involved in more strategic and technically complex projects.
  • As a Principal Automation Business Analyst (7+ years of experience), you can expect to be more and more involved in choosing and designing automation solutions.

What is my learning journey as an Automation Business Analyst?

The Automation Business Analyst Training learning plan comprises of 20 courses aimed at individuals aspiring to excel as Automation Business Analysts, with a strong focus on UiPath Automation Implementation Methodology. This learning plan covers introduction to automation, the UiPath Platform, the UiPath Automation Implementation Methodology, while also exploring automation business analysis fundamentals. It further examines the stages of automation implementation involving Business Analysts, detailing the tasks required at each stage and providing in-depth guidance on their execution. Additionally, it covers UiPath products and technologies.

The Automation Business Analyst certification: demonstrate your expertise in automation business analysis. 

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