Attended Automation Framework Triggers and Forms in Studio (v2023.4)

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  • October 25, 2023
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Attended Automation Framework Triggers and Forms in Studio (v2023.4)

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About the Attended Automation Framework Triggers and Forms in Studio (v2023.4) course 

This course covers using the Triggered Attended Automation Framework released with UiPath Studio version 2023.4 to build attended, trigger-based automations. We will check out the framework, how to use UI Automation Triggers, the new way to use Forms and Form Triggers and Callouts. 

Product alignment: this course is aligned with the 2023.4 version of UiPath Studio, and we recommend installing this version to make use of all the features presented. You can use these features if you are working with a newer version of Studio, however they will not work with a version older than 23.2. You will also need the packages UiPath.Form.Activities, UiPath.System.Activities and UiPAth.UIAutomation activities updated to version 23.2 .0 or newer. 

Course prerequisites: 

The Attended Automation Framework Triggers and Forms in Studio (v2023.4) course is intermediate level. Before you enroll, at a minimum you should have completed the following learning plans:   

• Automation Explorer  


This course is created for Automation Developers and Solution Architects interested in designing and developing attended automations.    


 The agenda covers:  

1. Triggered Attended Automation Framework 

2. UI Automation Triggers 

3. Forms and Form Triggers 

4. Common Trigger Functionalities 

5. Callouts 

6. Practice   

Learning Objectives:  

At the end of the course, you should be able to:  

• Explain the new Attended Automation Framework template capabilities. 

• Use the Attended Automation Framework template. 

• Use new UI Automation Triggers. 

• Work with Forms Triggers. 

Find the new UiPath Callouts Activities package