Automation Infrastructure Fundamentals

This course covers the options of delivering the UiPath Platform and its components from an infrastructure perspective, as well as the requirements for successfully deploying the platform.
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  • December 14, 2022
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Automation Infrastructure Fundamentals

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About the Automation Infrastructure Fundamentals course 

This course is meant to offer Infrastructure Engineers a "map of the UiPath territory" with answers to the basic questions: What are the UiPath Platform components? How do they work from an infrastructure perspective? How can they be deployed? 

This course doesn’t cover the basics of enterprise infrastructure. It is addressed to seasoned Infrastructure Engineers, already having the basic knowledge, aiming to provide an overview of the UiPath Platform from an infrastructure perspective. 


Course Audience 

This course is meant for Infrastructure Engineers and System Administrators who are looking to gain the necessary foundational knowledge on the UiPath Platform and its products from an infrastructure perspective. 


Automation Infrastructure Fundamentals Training Agenda 

This course covers key topics around: 

  • The Infrastructure Engineer Workflow Map  
  • Introduction to the UiPath Business Automation Platform  
  • The Delivery Options for the UiPath Business Automation Platform 
  • Infrastructure Requirements for Automation Cloud and Automation Suite 


Automation Infrastructure Fundamentals Training Objectives 

At the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Define the role and tasks of an Infrastructure Engineer throughout the UiPath Automation Platform deployment stages. 
  • Present products of the platform in relation with the corresponding stage of the automation journey. 
  • Summarize the architecture and the components of the UiPath Platform. 
  • Explain the ways to deliver UiPath Platform. 
  • List the requirements for UiPath Automation Platform Infrastructure.