Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux

Are you wondering if UiPath robots can run in Linux, apart from Windows? This is the place to find out how you can develop and run RPA processes in Linux with UiPath.
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  • October 25, 2023
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Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux

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About the Automation in Linux course 

The Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux training covers all the steps for running UiPath automations in Linux environments: 

  • How to create and deploy UiPath robots to Linux, using Docker containers.
  • How to develop RPA projects for Linux with UiPath Studio.
  • How to remote debug your automation projects in Linux.
  • How to publish RPA processes for Linux and run unattended jobs with Orchestrator.

Build, Run and Manage Linux Automations course prerequisites 

The Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux course is an intermediate level course. We require basic programming knowledge along with the completion of the RPA Developer Foundation learning plan (ideally). At minimum, you should have completed the following courses: 

In order to experiment with the UiPath Linux automation capabilities showcased, you need the following technical setup: 

  • UiPath Studio 2021.10 installed
  • UiPath Automation Cloud account with unattended licenses
  • The Docker application installed

Product alignment: This course was built using the 2021.10 product version of UiPath Studio, Robot and Orchestrator and is applicable to newer versions as well. 

Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux audience 

The Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux course is a 90 minutes course. It is targeted at experienced RPA Developers aiming to develop and run automation projects across different platforms and operating systems. 

Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux training agenda  

The Linux automation course provides users with the knowledge they need to develop cross-platform automation projects supporting .NET 5, which can be run with UiPath Robots in Linux environments. 

The course covers these six key areas: 

  • Cross-platform Automation Capabilities Overview
  • Deploy Unattended Robots in a Linux Environment
  • Build Cross-platform Automation Projects
  • Run an Unattended Job on Linux Robots
  • Debug Cross-platform Automations Remotely
  • Find Out What Activity Packages are Supported for Cross-platform Projects

Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux learning objectives  

At the end of this course learners should be able to:  

  • Identify and briefly describe each of the stages that a cross-platform project goes through.
  • Deploy unattended Robots in a Linux environment (with Docker containers).
  • Build automation projects with cross-platform compatibility in Studio.
  • Run unattended jobs with Orchestrator and Robots deployed in Linux.
  • Debug cross-platform projects remotely using two connection types.
  • Find out and explain what packages are supported for cross-platform projects.

At the end of the Build, Run and Manage Automations for Linux course, you will receive a diploma of completion. Afterwards, you will be able to continue your learning with some of the related courses. Choose between Webdriver and Attended Automation for RPA Developers courses. Or see the ‘Related Courses’ tab for all your options.