Building a REFramework Project with Tabular Data

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  • October 25, 2023
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Building a REFramework Project with Tabular Data

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The goal of this course is to equip you with the skills and understanding needed to modify the REFramework template for tabular data processing and effectively utilize the Built-in test cases within the REFramework. 

About the Building a REFramework Project with Tabular Data course

In this course, we'll focus on how to modify the REFramework template so that it can handle tabular data and other types of data. Furthermore, the course provides an overview of using REFramework testcases. Additionally, it gives an overview of how to use the REFramework template for a linear process.  

Product Alignment: This course was built using the 2022.10 product version of UiPath Studio and is applicable to newer versions as well.The Studio projects align with version 2022.10, while the video demonstrations align with version 2021.10 as there were no changes in the functionality of the template.

Prerequisites for Building a REFramework Project with Tabular Data course.  

  • Automation Developer Associate Training 
  • State Machines in Studio 
  • Introduction to Robotic Enterprise Framework 

Course Audience

This is a three-hour course aimed primarily at Automation Developers.   

Building a REFramework Project with Tabular Data Course Agenda

  • The REFramework without Queue Items Development Checklist. 
  • Whiteboard the Automation Project Workflows. 
  • The Project Configuration. 
  • Change the TransactionItem Data Type. 
  • Applications Used: Open/Close/Kill. 
  • Get Transaction Data. 
  • Process Transaction. 
  • Run the Project. 
  • Build an Execution Report. 
  • Test a REFramework Project without Queues Using UiPath Test Suite. 
  • REFramework With Different Data Types. 
  • REFramework for Linear Processes.

Building a REFramework Project with Tabular Data Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • List the implementation steps for a simple process using the REFramework template with tabular data.  
  • Use the 'REFramework without QueueItems Checklist' to build an automation project. 
  • Whiteboard the workflows you will build for your automation project. 
  • Fill in the Settings, Constants, and Assets sheets of the Config file according to business requirements.  
  • Change the data type of the transaction item to accommodate tabular data.  
  • Configure the workflows to open, close and kill the applications used in the process. 
  • Configure 'Get Transaction Data' state according to process requirements. 
  • Configure 'Process Transaction' state according to process requirements. 
  • Run the project to verify that it works as defined in the project configuration. 
  • Create an execution report for the built project. 
  • List the default built-in test cases available in the REFramework template. 
  • Use the REFramework's built-in test cases to test your project. 
  • Explain how to configure REFramework for different collection types, such as mail messages and lists. 
  • Explain how to convert the REFramework template to work with linear processes.