Descriptors in Studio (v2021.10)

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  • October 25, 2023
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Descriptors in Studio (v2021.10)

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Explore the concept of Descriptors in UiPath, the Target and the Anchor, the Property Explorer, and when to use Anchors. And covers how to validate Targets and anchors, and how to fine-tune Descriptors in difficult situations.


About Descriptors in UiPath Studio 

The Descriptors in UiPath Studio course teaches more about user interface automation with UiPath using Modern design experience. In this course, you'll learn what Descriptors are in UiPath Studio, Advanced options in the selection window, as well as Target element validation. You'll learn how to configure and fine-tune Descriptor when you encounter difficult situations.   

Descriptors in Studio is a two-hour full course. Its applicable to those who already understand RPA, more specifically UI automation. At the end of the Descriptors in UiPath Studio course, you receive a diploma of completion. 

Product alignment: this course was built using the 2021.10 product version of UiPath Studio and applies to newer versions as well.  


Descriptors in Studio course prerequisites 

Before starting on this course, you should have basic programming knowledge and have completed these previous courses: 

  • The Get Started with RPA Development course
  • Variables and Arguments in Studio course
  • Control Flow in Studio course
  • The UI Automation with Studio course
  • Selectors In Studio course


Descriptors in Studio course audience 

This is an intermediate UiPath UI Automation training course. It is ideal for RPA Developers to learn about UI Automation. 


Descriptors in Studio course agenda 

Through this course, you will learn the essential concepts of Descriptors by covering such topics as:   

  • Advanced Options in the Selection Window
  • Introducing the Descriptors
  • Validating the Descriptors
  • Fine tuning the Descriptors
  • Introducing the Object Repository
  • Practice – Dynamic Descriptors


Descriptors in Studio course learning objectives 

At the end of the course, you should be able to:  

  • State all the Advanced options of the selection window.
  • Explain when to make use of Enforce visibility, Dynamic Text Target and Native Text Target options.
  • Explain how to use the Image selection option.
  • Define what UI Descriptors are.
  • Explain how the Descriptor gets generated.
  • Explain how target element validation works.
  • Choose the correct targeting method while automating UI elements.
  • Explain how to explore the attributes of UI elements to build the automation logic.
  • Fine-tune Descriptor to uniquely identify the required UI elements on the screen.
  • Explain what the Object Repository is.
  • State the key benefits of Object Repository.
  • Explain the key concepts in the Object Repository: UI Descriptors, UI Elements, Screens, Applications, UI Libraries.