Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial

This tutorial looks at different methods to customize the Enhanced Robotic Enterprise Framework to create simple automations for multiple applications.
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  • April 15, 2022
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Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial

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About Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial 

This is an advanced course covering the Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial. You will learn how to download and customize frameworks specific to project needs and how to implement concepts such as word blogs, logging messages, and more.  

The course takes just 15 minutes to complete. At the end, you’ll be awarded a diploma of completion.  


Course Prerequisites 

The Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial is for those who have foundation knowledge in UiPath Studio. If you do not have experience using UiPath RPA components, you can find more resources at the foot of the page.  


Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial Learning Outcomes 

This advanced course is perfect for users with foundation knowledge of UiPath Studio. You will learn how to create simple automations for multiple applications following a detailed demonstration video. After completing this course, you should be able to: 

  • Download and customize the framework specific to project needs
  • Implement concepts such as word blogs, exception handling, and logging messages
  • Work with config files and orchestrator to read and write data
  • Create and modify workflows to handle business data and processes
  • Debug, test and run projects
  • Use this template to create simple automations for multiple applications 


Enhanced ReFramework Tutorial Agenda  

The full agenda for the Enhanced ReFramework course is included below: 

  • Introduction
  • Framework Concepts
  • Config File and Orchestrator
  • Create and Modify Workflows
  • Debug, Test and Run
  • Demo and Recap 


If you’re looking to further your experience using UiPath Studio or you want to learn more before you complete this advanced course, we have a selection of resources and courses that can support you with your goals. Try Working with Data in Studio or Studio Basics, or explore the ‘Related Courses’ tab to see all your options.