Excel Automation with the Modern Experience in Studio

Interested in knowing how to use UiPath RPA with Excel and DataTable variables? This course is for you.
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  • October 25, 2023
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Excel Automation with the Modern Experience in Studio

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About the Excel Automation with the Modern Experience in Studio course

This course covers automating one of the most widely used business tools—Excel. We'll go through the different ways to work with Excel and associated files (.xlsx, .xls, .csv) using the specific methods and tools that UiPath Studio offers. We'll also introduce a type of variable meant for working with Excel files, and databases, the DataTable (System.Data.DataTable).

Product alignment: this course is aligned with the 2022.10 version of UiPath Studio, and we recommend installing this version to make use of all the features presented. However, if you are using a different version of UiPath Studio, you can still work with the required version activities by updating the related project dependencies, particularly the UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.16.1 package version.  

Course prerequisites:

The Excel Automation with the Modern Experience in Studio course is beginner level. Before you enroll, you should have completed the following courses:  

  • Build your First Process with Studio
  • Variables and Arguments in Studio course
  • Control Flow in Studio course



Designed and developed for automation explorers aspiring to become Automation Developers, including Document Understanding Specialists, Attended Automation Specialists, Automation Solution Architects, Automated Test Engineers, and Automated Test Managers. It's also ideal for those seeking to gain a complete understanding of Excel automation capabilities and its basics from UiPath. 


The agenda covers: 

  1. Introduction to Excel Automation

              a.     Overview of Excel Automation 

              b.     Benefits of Excel Automation 

   2. Design Experiences and Excel Add-in 

               a.     Excel Add-in and its features 

               b.     Design experiences available in UiPath Studio for Excel automation 

               c.     Best practices for designing Excel automation workflows. 

  3. Build Automation Using Workbook and Data Tables Activities: 

               a.    Workbook activities in UiPath Studio 

               b.    Working with Excel files using Workbook activities 

               c.    Introduction to DataTables and their importance in automating Excel 

               d.    Basic activities of DataTable in UiPath Studio 

 4. Practice 1 - Workbook and Data Tables 

               a.   Hands-on practice exercises using Workbook activities and DataTables in UiPath Studio 

 5. Build Automation using Excel Modern Activities 

              a.    Excel App Integration activities in UiPath Studio 

              b.    Working with Excel files using Excel App Integration activities 

              c.    Introduction to CSV activities in UiPath Studio 

 6. Practice 2 - Excel Activities 

              a.    Hands-on practice exercises using Excel App Integration activities and CSV activities in UiPath Studio 

Learning Objectives: 

At the end of the course, you should be able to: 

  • Provide an overview of Excel automation and its benefits.
  • Differentiate the ways of working with Excel files and DataTables in UiPath Studio.
  • Distinguish between the categories of activities used when working with Excel files: Workbook activities and Excel App Integration activities and use them appropriately.
  • Differentiate between the design experiences available in UiPath Studio for Excel automation and identify their features.
  • Explain what DataTables are and how they play a crucial role in automating Excel.
  • Use the Workbook Activities available in UiPath Studio.
  • Use the Basic activities of DataTable in UiPath Studio.
  • Use Excel App integration activities in UiPath Studio.
  • Use CSV activities in UiPath Studio.