Invoke Method and Invoke Code in Studio (v2021.10)

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  • October 25, 2023
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Invoke Method and Invoke Code in Studio (v2021.10)

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This course is dedicated to RPA Developers or learners looking to become RPA Developers. The Invoke Method and Invoke Code activities help us enhance the capabilities of our automation projects by using VB.Net and C# code. 


A few recommendations before starting the course 

For a thorough understanding of the activities explained in this course, we highly recommend completing the RPA Developer Foundation learning plan beforehand. 

Here are some minimum recommendations if you want to take this course without completing the full learning plan first: 

  • Basic programming knowledge and have completed the
  1. Meet the UiPath Platform course.
  2. Build Your First Process With Studio course.
  3. Variables and Arguments in Studio course.
  4. Control Flow in Studio course.
  5. Data Manipulation with Strings in Studio course.
  6. Data Manipulation with Lists and Dictionaries in Studio course.
  7. Project Organization Course. 

Product alignment: This course was built using the 2020.10 product version of UiPath Studio and is applicable to newer versions as well.  


At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify situations where the Invoke Method activity should be used.
  • Differentiate between static and instance methods.
  • Use the Invoke Method activity.
  • Identify situations where the Invoke Code activity should be used.
  • Use the Invoke Code activity to build an automation process with Studio.



  • Using the Invoke Method Activity
  • Using the Invoke Code Activity
  • Practice-Invoke Code
  • Check Your Understanding


Whom does this course address? 

The Invoke Method and Invoke Code in Studio course addresses:  

  • All learners who’ve completed the RPA Developer Foundation learning plan or have at least completed the minimum recommended courses.
  • UiPath RPA Developers looking to refresh their knowledge and practice.