Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Test Suite

Can you use UiPath to automate mobile phones? What about automated mobile testing—can it be done with UiPath Test Suite? Find the answers in this course!
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  • October 25, 2023
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Mobile Device Automation with UiPath Test Suite

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In this course we will start by understanding what the mobile-first strategy and mobile device automation are. Then we will get to see how UiPath Test Suite can turn them into reality. 

We will first set up a mobile automation environment with UiPath Studio Pro, Mobile Device Manager and Sauce Labs, a provider of emulated and physical devices available through a cloud connection. We will then create mobile automation projects, as well as automated mobile testing projects. 

Next, we will get to the advanced capabilities of UiPath Test Suite for mobile device automation and troubleshooting. Finally, we will see how to set up a mobile device automation environment with locally emulated devices and physical devices.