UiPath AI Center Overview

Interested to know how RPA and AI work together with UiPath? This course introduces UiPath AI Center, the component for managing and deploying Machine Learning models in automated processes.
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  • October 25, 2023
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UiPath AI Center Overview

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AI Center

About the UiPath AI Center Course

The UiPath AI Center training shows how you can automate more and improve decision making in your automation projects by powering up RPA with Artificial Intelligence. You’ll learn how AI Center can simplify the management and deployment of Machine Learning in your RPA automations. The course contains an introduction to the concepts of AI and ML. It then teaches you to create projects, upload datasets and deploy ML models as skills with AI Center.  

The UiPath AI Center overview is an intermediate course. It takes 3 hours to complete. At the end, you’ll receive a diploma of completion. 

Product alignment: This training was built using the UiPath AI Center 2021.10 product version and is applicable to newer versions as well.

Course Prerequisites

This course is at intermediate level, so it requires an understanding of the main automation concepts and the general automation capabilities of UiPath Studio. If this is your first experience with UiPath, consider going through the following courses before this one: 

Introduction to RPA and Automation 

Get Started with RPA Development 

Course Audience 

The AI Center course is aimed at Data Scientists and RPA Developers, as well as anybody else interested in seeing how Machine Learning can bring value in different business areas.

UiPath AI Center Course Agenda

The UiPath AI Center course is broken down into two sections. You’ll be introduced to AI Center at an overview level, before looking closely at some of the main concepts. The full agenda covers:  

  • 1. Introducing AI Center:
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Context of RPA
  • A Closer Look at Machine Learning
  • What is AI Center?
  • Identifying Use Cases
  • Deployment and Installation
  • An End-to-End Preview of AI Center 
    2. AI Center Main Concepts
  • Projects, Datasets, Data Labeling, ML Packages, Pipelines, ML Skills, Closing the Loop, ML Logs

UiPath AI Center Overview Learning Objectives

At the end of the UiPath AI Center Overview course, you should be able to: 

  • Define the main concepts related to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Describe on a high-level how machine learning works, using its specific concepts.
  • Describe how AI Center works and the types of ML models it can manage.
  • Differentiate between the available deployment options of AI Center.
  • Recognize the types of problems that can be solved by deploying Machine Learning models in automated processes.
  • Create projects and upload datasets in AI Center.
  • Train and evaluate out-of-the-box ML packages in AI Center with pipelines.
  • Deploy ML models from AI Center to UiPath Studio as ML skills and ensure that data is sent back to AI Center.
  • Use the ML logs to monitor the ML models in AI Center.

The UiPath AI Center course covers AI in the context of RPA. If you’d like to further your knowledge in this area, there are several additional courses you can take in the ‘Related Courses’ section. Courses include UiPath Document Understanding and AI Computer Vision Browse the full list to continue your journey in AI and RPA.