UiPath Automation Hub Overview

What is UiPath Automation Hub? Who uses it? How can Automation Hub help you accelerate adoption of automation within your organization? Looking for answers to these questions, this course is for you! 
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  • October 25, 2023
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UiPath Automation Hub Overview

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Automation Hub

Long description:  

This course introduces you to Automation Hub. It also describes its main features and capabilities and then explains how to access and use this tool.  

This course is for beginners to UiPath Automation Hub. It takes only half an hour to complete. At the end, you’ll receive a diploma of completion. 



This course is meant as an entry gate to Automation Hub. It is targeted at anyone looking to contribute to the automation program in their company.   


Learning objectives:   

At the end of this course learners should be able to:  

  • Describe what Automation Hub is and why you need it.  
  • Define automation ideas and the phases they go through. 
  • Explain the Automation Idea profile. 
  • Describe how ideas become automations. 
  • Identify the personas and user roles in Automation Hub. 
  • Show how to get access to Automation Hub. 
  • Explore various user interface options in Automation Hub. 



  • Introducing Automation Hub  
  • How Ideas Become Automations? 
  • Personas and User Roles in Automation Hub 
  • Getting Started with UiPath Automation Hub