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Interested to measure your automation program through RPA metrics and automation KPIs? We have the right tool for you: UiPath Insights, the automation analytics component of the UiPath Platform.
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  • October 25, 2023
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UiPath Insights

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About the UiPath Insights course  

The UiPath Insights training offers an introduction to the automation analytics field and the importance of measuring the automation program. It then positions UiPath Insights in the overall automation landscape and the UiPath Platform. The course then dives into the specific aspects of using Insights: how to access it, how to make the most of the standard dashboards (Processes, Queues, Jobs, Business ROI), how to customize them and even add custom data, as well as how to use forecasting. Finally, the course explores the different user permissions and how to configure them. You’ll also get the chance to practice with UiPath Insights. 

UiPath Insights is an intermediate level course. It takes below 2 hours to complete. And at the end, you’ll receive a diploma of completion. 

Product alignment: This course was built using the 2021.10 product version of UiPath Insights, but is applicable to newer versions as well. 


Course Prerequisites 

The UiPath Insights course is an intermediate level course. It requires prior knowledge of business intelligence and analytics concepts and tools, as well as basic knowledge of RPA and automation. If this is your first contact with RPA, go through the Introduction to RPA and Automation course before continuing with this one. 


UiPath Insights training agenda 

The UiPath Insights course covers automation analytics at the beginning, and then goes into the practicalities of using the UiPath Insights tool. The full agenda includes: 

1. Introduction to Automation Analytics: 

  • Measuring Automation. Why Is It Important?

2. Getting Started with Insights 

  • What Is UiPath Insights and Who Is It for?
  • Accessing Insights and Getting the Permissions Needed
  • Interacting with Insights

3. Working with Insights: 

  • Working with and Customizing Dashboards
  • Configuring Custom Data
  • Creating and Managing Alerts
  • Working with the Business ROI Dashboard
  • Forecasting

4. Managing Users: 

  • User Management in Insights

5. Practice 

6. Check Your Understanding 


UiPath Insights learning objectives 

At the end of the UiPath Insights course, you should be able to: 

  • Describe the importance and the benefits of measuring automation.
  • Define what UiPath Insights is and outline its key features.
  • Describe the prerequisites and steps required to gain access to Insights.
  • Recognize the standard templates: Processes, Queues, Robots and Business ROI.
  • Present the Insights data model and how it ingests data.
  • Edit dashboards by adding new tiles or by editing the existing ones.
  • Add dimensions, measures and filters to dashboards.
  • Configure custom variables and use them in dashboards.
  • Create and manage alerts in Insights.
  • Configure the ROI dataset and edit the Business ROI dashboard.
  • Describe each type of permission available in Insights.
  • Use the forecasting feature in UiPath Insights.


The UiPath Insights course covers everything you need to know about the automation analytics component of the UiPath Platform. Once complete, there are additional courses you can take to further your knowledge of automation and the UiPath Platform. Explore the Process Analysis Fundamentals with UiPath Process Mining and the UiPath Task Mining courses. And check out all the other courses by clicking the ‘Related Courses’ tab.