UiPath Document Understanding Overview

Are you looking to explore the concepts and capabilities of UiPath Document Understanding? Look no further.
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  • August 22, 2023
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UiPath Document Understanding Overview

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Document Understanding

About the Document Understanding Overview course

This introductory course is meant to provide business analysts, solution architects, project managers and anybody else curious to get a solid foundational knowledge of UiPath Document Understanding. 

This course will take you through all the essential concepts, components and capabilities of DU, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the product.  

The Document Understanding overview course is a beginner level course. This course takes 90 minutes to complete. At the end, you’ll receive a diploma of completion. 

Course prerequisites

To enjoy this learning experience, we recommend you going through the following learning plan: 

  • RPA Developer Foundation

Course audience

The Document Understanding overview course is aimed at business analysts, solution architects, project managers, as well as anybody else curious to learn the power of document processing using UiPath Document Understanding. 

Document Understanding Overview course agenda

 The full agenda covers:  

  • What is Document Understanding?
  • Capabilities
  • Components
  • Project lifecycle

Document Understanding Overview course learning objectives 

At the end of the Document Understanding Overview course, you should be able to: 

  • Define what is Document Understanding and its main concepts.
  • Describe the capabilities of Document Understanding Framework.
  • Describe on a high-level the components of Document Understanding.
  • Explain the stages involved in the Document Understanding project lifecycle.