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Automation Business Analyst Foundation

Looking to work as a Business Analyst in business automation initiatives? Then this Automation Business Analyst Foundation learning plan is your starting point!
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  • September 11, 2023
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Automation Business Analyst Foundation

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🏆 Once you complete this learning plan, you will unlock the credential. You can access it from My Dashboard under the Achievements tab.    


About the Automation Business Analyst Foundation Learning Plan 

The Automation Business Analyst learning plan is designed to equip you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to start working as a Business Analyst for automation projects.  

With this learning plan, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of automation concepts and of the UiPath Automation Implementation Methodology framework. You will understand the role and responsibilities of an Automation Business Analyst and you will be able to present the UiPath Business Automation Platform. All these will prepare you for the Automation Business Analyst role. 

The first course, Introduction to Automation, acts as your entry gate into the world of enterprise automation.  

The next course, Automation Implementation Methodology Fundamentals, covers the knowledge and tools you need at every step of the automation implementation process. 

Once completed, you move on to the Automation Business Analysis Fundamentals course. This course focuses specifically on the role of a Business Analyst throughout each stage of an automation implementation. 

The Introduction to UiPath Business Automation Platform for Business Analysts course provides a concise overview of the UiPath products utilized in business analysis. 

The remaining courses in the learning plan provides an overview of the UiPath products under the Discover pillar of the UiPath Business Automation Platform. 

This learning plan takes around 16 hours to complete. Once finished, you will receive a Badge and a Diploma of Completion.   


Course audience for Automation Business Analyst Foundation Learning Plan 

The Automated Business Analyst training starts at the beginner's level and progresses to the intermediate level. It is aimed at Business Analysts at all levels, who are looking to expand their skillset with business analysis in automation to better understand automation opportunities.