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Automation Developer - SAP Specialist Training

Looking to build production-ready automations for SAP? This learning plan will provide the methods, best practices, tips and tricks, demos, and hands-on exercises to help you achieve your goal.
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  • October 12, 2023
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Automation Developer - SAP Specialist Training

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About the Automation Developer – SAP learning plan

SAP develops enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. The company is the world's leading enterprise resource planning software vendor.  

UiPath’s certification as a SAP Endorsed App ensures that customers can trust the quality and performance of UiPath solutions when used with SAP systems. In this context, this learning plan was designed to enhance the skillset of Automation Developers with specific methods for developing and testing automations for various flavors of SAP systems, like SAP WinGUI or SAP Fiori.

Courses in the Automation Developer – SAP learning plan

The first course aims to provide an overview of how UiPath can enhance the value customers derive from their SAP systems by supporting Clean Core and various automation use cases. Next, we review the main types of SAP automation  with UiPath, their particularities and best practices. Before we close the course, we learn more about using the Object Repository and workflow libraries to speed up development and about SAP specific terminology. 

The second course will provide hands on experience in developing and testing automations for SAP. You can choose to build along with the demos for SAP Fiori, SAP WinGUI or both. The demos are followed by a practical exercise based on a different use case, which also comes in the SAP WinGUI and SAP Fiori flavors. Please note that for hands on development, you will need to use your own SAP environment. 

Last, but not least, the third course will show you how you can increase your development speed for SAP automations even further by downloading and deploying Solution Accelerators. UiPath Solution Accelerators are pre-built modular automation frameworks which accelerate time-to-value with the most common, high impact use cases through a bundle of pre-designed templates, models, and reusable components, with connectors for the most widely used systems and applications. 

Product alignment: This course was built using the 2023.4 product version of UiPath Studio and Orchestrator and is applicable to newer versions as well.

The Automation Developer – SAP learning plan prerequisites 

Before you enroll, you should have completed the Automation Explorer Learning Plan and the Automation Developer Associate Learning Plan. 

Automation Developer – SAP learning plan audience

This learning plan is designed for experienced Automation Developers, Test Engineers and Solution Architects who want to dive deeper into building and testing automations for SAP. This experience is useful for people with technical profiles with automation development and SAP experience.