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Automation Developer - Specialized AI Professional Training

Looking for ways to add AI to your automations? This learning plan will teach you how to enhance your automations with specialized AI: intelligent document processing and AI-powered data mining.
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  • October 06, 2023
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Automation Developer - Specialized AI Professional Training

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About the Automation Developer – Specialized AI Professional learning plan

There are different ways to talk about AI: generative AI, machine learning, natural language processing, or the differentiation between generalist AI and specialized AI. Specialized AI was developed to excel at specific tasks, for example document understanding or processing unstructured communication data, two of the most pressing challenges of any company. 

This learning plan was designed to enhance the skillset of Automation Developers in the areas of document understanding and communications mining, thus enabling them to infuse highly accurate AI capabilities in their enterprise automation projects. A more complete description of this specialization can be found here

Specialized AI Professional courses in the learning plan

The first course introduces the main concepts related to AI, such as natural language processing, machine learning or specialized AI, and introduces the Specialized AI Professional profile. The next course introduces AI Center, the UiPath Platform component used to manage and deploy machine learning models in automation projects. 

The next section covers in depth the Document Understanding capability of UiPath and how to use it to build reliable automations for document processing, by implementing Document Understanding framework activities, using out-of-the-box ML extractors, training a custom ML extractor and building an end-to-end DU project using the Document Understanding process template. 

The third and final section covers in depth UiPath Communications Mining and how to use it to build projects meant to analyze and extract data from unstructured communication.  

The overall learning plan takes around 22 hours to complete. At the end of this specialized AI training, you'll receive a digital badge for Specialized AI Professional.   

The full list of courses that make up the Automation Developer - Specialized AI Professional training can be found in the ‘learning plan curriculum’ tab. You can click on a specific course to view its specific agenda and learning objectives. 

Once you complete this learning plan, you will unlock the credential. You can access it from My Dashboard under the Achievements tab.   

Product alignment: This learning plan was built using the 2022.10 version of the UiPath Platform components. It's applicable to newer versions as well. 

Specialized AI Professional learning plan prerequisites

To make the most of this learning experience, we recommend you going through the following learning plans in advance: 

  • Automation Explorer
  • Automation Developer Associate training
  • Automation Developer Professional

Specialized AI Professional learning plan audience

The Specialized AI Professional is a specialization for Automation Developers, meant to help them diversify their skillset and be able to tackle more complex projects involving documents and unstructured communications data through AI.