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UiPath Automation User

Is Robotic Process Automation for business users? Absolutely. As an Automation User, not only you can run automations, but you can also use products like Assistant and Automation Hub in your work.
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  • June 09, 2022
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UiPath Automation User

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About the Automation User plan 

One of the reasons why we are big believers in “A Robot for Every Person” is that we’ve seen how business users benefit from automation: the robots take over the mundane tasks, thus freeing up the humans for more meaningful work. 

Through this learning plan, our aim is not only to help you understand automation, but also to get you ready for the future of work. You probably know that digital transformation and automation are inevitable. With the courses we’ve included here, we hope you’ll share our enthusiasm for this new setup enabled by RPA and automation. 

Here’s how we planned this: 

  1. We’ll start with an Introduction to RPA and Automation. 

  1. Then we’ll get to UiPath Assistant, the console you’ll use for managing your (attended) robot and running automations developed and shared by others. 

  1. UiPath Action Center is next. It’s the interface we’re offering to manage the handover points between you and the (unattended) robot. 

  1. As a business user, you may get involved in process improvement and automation initiatives. UiPath Task Capture is a tool you can use to document the business processes, thus making the project team’s job easier. 

  1. Finally, you can contribute to the automation program in your company with ideas, but also by being part of a project team. UiPath Automation Hub is the solution for managing the whole automation program. 

  1. As a business user, you may or may not use UiPath Action Center, UiPath Task Capture and UiPath Automation Hub, depending on your company’s strategy. This is why we’re keeping the accompanying courses optional in this learning plan. 


The Automation User learning plan audience 

This learning plan is for everyone. Literally. We’ve put it together for business users who will interact with RPA and automation of any sort in their work or even personal life. But even if digital transformation and automation are not hot topics for you currently, we’re still encouraging you to go through these courses. Because once again, automation is inevitable.