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RPA Citizen Developer Foundation

Building automations should be easy, even for those without coding experience. If you have the technical “sweet tooth”, we offer an easy tool, UiPath StudioX, to help you become a citizen developer. 
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  • August 16, 2022
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RPA Citizen Developer Foundation

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About the UiPath Citizen Developer Foundation  

The UiPath RPA Citizen Developer training is a learning plan that teaches you how to become a citizen developer.  

It combines a range of our courses on UiPath StudioX, and how to use it to create a variety of automations.   


UiPath Citizen Developer training consists of 8 individual courses that take between one and two hours to complete. You'll find a mix of videos, hands-on practices, knowledge checks, and reflection spaces. Out of the 13 hours you'll spend going through the Citizen Developer Foundation courses:

  • five hours will be spent practicing what you've learned. The practices will introduce you to multiple use-cases and industries.
  • two hours will be spent checking your understanding of the concepts. Upon the successful completion of the final assessment, you'll receive a diploma certifying your status as a Citizen Developer.


You’ll begin with Build Your First Automation in StudioX, which introduces the StudioX software and explains the basic features.  

Once you’re familiar with the tool, you can expand your knowledge and learn how to create specific automations. The full list of courses that make up the UiPath Citizen Developer training can be found in the ‘learning plan curriculum’ tab. You can click on specific courses to view their agendas and learning objectives.   


Course audience for RPA Citizen Developer Foundation  

The UiPath Citizen Developer training starts at a beginner’s level and progresses through to intermediate. You don’t need previous coding experience, but technical know-how will be beneficial.