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RPA Citizen Developer Technologies

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  • March 21, 2023
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RPA Citizen Developer Technologies

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UiPath RPA Citizen Developer Technologies training allows you to expand your citizen developer toolkit.   

It holds a range of our optional courses on UiPath StudioX and other UiPath products that a Citizen Developer should know how to use. 


Among the StudioX topics covered in this plan, you’ll find: 

  1. OneDrive and SharePoint Automation in StudioX – this course is an introduction to automating files and folders located in the cloud with StudioX. It covers operations such as copying, moving, removing files and folders, uploading and downloading drive items, and more. 
  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Automation in StudioX – this course is an introduction to PowerPoint Automation. You’ll learn how to generate a presentation based off an Excel file, and how to automate the slide show creation starting from a template.  
  3. Microsoft Word Automation in StudioX – this course will show you how to automate working with a Word document and create projects using Word templates. 
  4. Google Workspace Automation in StudioX - in this course, you will learn how to automate working with a G Sheets or G Docs file, and how to manage your G Drive file and folders 
  5. Working with Lists and Data Tables in StudioX - This is an intermediate to advanced course that’ll provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to start using lists and data tables in your automation projects.  
  6. Advanced UI Automation in StudioX – a deep dive into User Interface automation. This course covers advanced aspects of UI automation using UiPath StudioX. You will learn troubleshooting and debugging techniques, how to refine selections and use dynamic selectors. 


Among the other UiPath products covered in this plan, you’ll find: 

  1. Orchestrator for Citizen Developers – in this course, you’ll get to know the UiPath Orchestrator from the perspective of a Citizen Developer. You’ll learn about the Personal Workspace and Orchestrator assets. 
  2. UiPath Assistant – this beginner course will take you through the features of the digital assistant. 
  3. Automation Hub for Citizen Developers – in this course, you will learn how to develop and share automation through Automation Hub as well as the lifecycle of an automation. 
  4. Task Capture Deep Dive - take this course to learn how to use this tool that helps users collect granular information about their own tasks. 


You'll also find a mix of videos, hands-on practices, knowledge checks, and reflection spaces.   

When you complete all the courses in the Citizen Developer Technologies training collection, you will not receive a Diploma of Completion.    


Course audience for RPA Citizen Developer Technologies  

The UiPath Citizen Developer training starts combines beginner to advanced topics. We recommend you finish the Citizen Developer Foundation courses before choosing a topic from this learning plan.