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RPA Developer Advanced (v2020.10)

The RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan helps developers design and develop complex RPA solutions. Once complete, you’ll receive the UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification.
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  • October 14, 2021
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RPA Developer Advanced (v2020.10)

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About the RPA Developer Advanced Certification 

The RPA Implementation Manager Certification is a specially selected learning plan. It helps advanced RPA developers apply their knowledge to design and independently develop complex RPA solutions with Robotic Enterprise Framework.  

Our RPA Developer Advanced training is made of multiple RPA development courses. The 26 courses lead to the UiPath Certified Professional: Advanced RPA Developer certification. The full list of courses is detailed in the ‘learning plan curriculum’ tab. You can click on individual courses for specific agenda information.  

The RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan courses are between 30 minutes and 5 hours long. In total, the full course will take 89 hours 25 minutes to complete.  

At the end of the learning plan, you’ll be ready to take the associated exam: UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD). 

Prerequisites for the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan 

The UiPath RPA Associate Certification is strongly recommended but not required to achieve the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer Certification. 

Course audience for the RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plan 

UiARD is a credential that represents a deeper level of expertise for roles such as Advanced RPA Developers, Solution Architects, RPA Architects, and others.  

A typical candidate for achieving this level is expected to have 6+ months of working experience in developing RPA solutions.