Object Repository

The Object Repository ensures the management, reusability, and reliability of UI elements. This course will help you quickly scale up designing and developing UI Automation projects.
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  • September 08, 2021
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Object Repository

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Audience: RPA Developers and Solution Architects


  • Explain what the Object Repository is and what its key benefits are;
  • Explain the key concepts in the Object Repository context: UI Descriptors, UI Elements, Screens, Applications, UI Libraries;
  • List the prerequisites for using the Object Repository;
  • Create and publish a UI Library;
  • Import a UI Library in a project and use it to develop a process;
  • Add Variables to Descriptors used in a UI Library;
  • Extract a UI Library from an existing project.



  • Key Concepts
  • Creating and publishing a UI Library
  • Importing and using a UI Library
  • Updating a UI Library
  • Adding Variables to Descriptors
  • Extracting a UI Library
  • Practice