UiPath Cloud Insights

This course introduces UiPath Cloud Insights, our automation analytics solution available through UiPath Automation Cloud.
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  • September 08, 2021
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UiPath Cloud Insights

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Product Alignment: This course was created using UiPath Cloud Insights 2021.4, but the content is applicable to newer versions as well.

Audience: RPA COE members (COE leads, RPA developers, Solution architects, Business analysts, Project managers, RPA operations managers) and Business users (Analysts, Process and Business owners, Executive leadership)


Learning Objectives

At the end of this course learners should be able to:

  • Describe the importance and the benefits of measuring automation.
  • Define what UiPath Insights is.
  • Outline the key features available in Cloud Insights.
  • Describe the prerequisites and steps required to gain access to Cloud Insights.
  • Recognize the standard templates: Processes, Queues, Robots and Business ROI.
  • Edit dashboards by adding new tiles or by editing the existing ones.
  • Add dimensions, measures and filters to dashboards.
  • Create and manage alerts.
  • Configure the ROI dataset and edit the Business ROI dashboard.
  • Describe each type of permission available in Cloud Insights.



  1. Measuring Automation. Why Is It Important?
  2. What Is UiPath Insights and Who Is It for?
  3. Accessing Cloud Insights and Getting the Permissions Needed
  4. Interacting with Cloud Insights
  5. Working with and Customizing the Default Dashboards
  6. Creating and Managing Alerts
  7. Working with the Business ROI Dashboard
  8. User Management in Cloud Insights
  9. Practice with Cloud Insights